The new season of 'It's Always Sunny' has dropped a teaser trailer, and it looks just as mad, disgusting and batsh*t crazy as we were hoping it to be.

Plus, there's Colm Meaney. That's right, 'It's Always Sunny' managed to rope one of our national treasures into making an appearance on its 15th season.

Earlier this year, FX's hit comedy series travelled to Ireland to shoot a number of episodes in and around the country for the new season. The series made a shout-out for a Danny DeVito lookalike, as well as the cast sharing pictures on their social media accounts of pictures taken by the Irish coast.

As we can see in the teaser for season 15 below, Colm Meaney will strike up a strong bond between Charlie Day's character Charlie, and the pair are seen in a cheese shop before going to a graveyard to see the burial place of a man called Michael Kelly, who is presumedly a relative of Charlie's. Meaney's character says he was a man who "died from eating rocks, which he thought were eggs", which Charlie can relate to.

We also see Rob McElhenney's Mac try out being a priest, while Kaitlyn Olsen's Dee sets up her own questionable acting workshop.

That's all here and more in the season 15 trailer.

Last week, 'It's Always Sunny' shared a first look poster of the new series, with all of the cast dressed in green and wearing lovely red-haired wigs; all looking stereotypically Irish, and we wouldn't expect anything less.

The new season featuring Ireland, Colm Meaney and a puking Danny DeVito will begin on FXX in the US on December 1, with the first episode entitled '2020: Year In Review'. There's been no release date set yet for 'Its Always Sunny' here in Ireland. All 14 seasons are available to watch on Netflix.