In the latest of a string of interviews with fiery ex 'Love Island' contestants, Murad Merali sits down with Chyna. She dishes on some of the insider tea that we, as viewers, never got to see.

Dami is a hot topic of conversation both inside and outside the villa. Chyna reveals pretty quickly that not only was she getting to know Jay during her time in Casa Amor, but that she and Dami also had a connection.

What viewers didn't know was that while her bond was stronger with Jay towards the end, she and Dami were in fact "getting to know each other", which is practically 'Love Island' speak for dating. She says "It was very flirtatious and everything else".

The only inclination we may have had towards their bond was that three way kiss between the pair and Summer. But get this — there was more than one of those three way kisses, "it was nearly every night".

Chyna even reveals that after Casa Amor, after Dami had friend-zoned Summer, he asked the two women as they were gathered around the fire pit "Guys is it a bit too late to do a three way kiss now?". While she acknowledges that it was obviously playful, she explains feeling like "you’re already in a deep hole, let’s stop digging".

Of his relationship with Summer, Chyna discusses being shocked about the "massive energy shift" when the everyone returned to the main villa. Especially in Dami's behaviour, "Him and Summer’s thing was going really good in Casa". The word she used to describe it was is "inseparable".

There was even an unaired argument between Dami and Chyna once he pied her off — she, as Summer's friend, was furious, "If you obviously had a lot of feelings for Indiyah, you wouldn’t be behaving like that". Ultimately, she supports Indiyah and Dami as a couple now.

Speaking of shocking behaviour, Chyna was floored by what Jazmine and Molly had said once they left the villa, especially about Coco. It completely baffled her, "I’m thinking what the fucks going on, we was all fine when we was all together".

According to Chyna, "Coco wasn’t the one who went for Andrew, it was Andrew that went for Coco". Particularly in that environment, she feels that it's extremely likely two people will fancy the same person and in that case, "may the best woman win".

She echoed her fellow islanders sentiments that "You only see an hour, how everyone’s portrayed isn’t up to them". Of the villa mam and dad, she claims that Davide was really supportive and lovely and she deems Ekin-Su "the villa therapist".

We're loving Merali's style of interview — the longer format allows the islanders to truly express who they really are and also tell their side of the story. We'll certainly be keeping our ears pricked up for the ones that follow.

Watch the interview in full here.