In the latest episode of her TV show, Ellen DeGeneres called in her friend Chrissy Teigen to help her co-host. And after watching them interview Michael B. Jordan, we can't help but think that the pair need to keep double-team going.

Chrissy Teigen made another appearance on 'The Ellen Show' this week, with DeGeneres enlisting her help as co-host. The model and author had appeared on the show before Halloween to go through a haunted house with 'Ellen Show' producer Andy. It didn't end very well.

This week, Jordan took to the show to talk about being the GQ Man of the year, and also about that Twitter tread that he was forced to enter by Ellen. The pair also fired questions at the actor about having relationships with fans, and sliding into their DMs.

Teigen in particular doesn't hold back when asking. She is also sure to have made her assistant want the ground to swallow her up, saying "My assistant actually is going to try to DM you right after this. [...] She's ready for kids, everything. [...] She's gonna kill me."

The model eventually realised Jordan must be uncomfortable with all of the questions, and exclaimed "We're treating him like a piece of meat. He's a very talented actor!"

Have a look at the hilarious interview below.