There are many great TV theme tunes out there from 'The Wonder Years', 'Night Rider' and sure even 'Father Ted', but there's one theme tune that is so upbeat you can't help but smile and sing along - and that goes for dogs too.

During an interview with Conan O'Brien last night, Chris O'Dowd's dog stole the limelight from him by doing his little party trick. Named Potato, the little doggie has the fascinating ability to sing the theme tune of 'The US Office' whenever it's played.

Just look at Chris' face while the little Potato sings along - the Irish actor looks like a proud father. Debating whether or not Potato loves the show or not - whether it's a sign of happiness from the dog or "please god human turn this TV show off" - is explored by the pair of them.

Rounding out the talent portion of the show, Chris jokes that whenever Conan O'Brien's theme tune comes on the television, little Potato does a fart.

Here's Chris O'Dowd's dog singing along to one of TV's happiest theme tunes.

The Irish actor has had a relatively quiet couple of years recently, but Chris will be returning to our screens very soon in 'The Starling' which is currently in post-production. He'll star alongside Timothy Olyphant and his 'Bridemaids' co-star Melissa McCarthy.