Saoirse Ronan loves the movie Bridesmaids and she will not have you diss it, no siree.

The Irish actress is currently promoting her new film Lady Bird, which she just received an Independent Spirit Award nomination for. The movie sees her play a student growing up in North Carolina who is determined to escape her small town origins and go to university in New York.

Saoirse was recently interviewed by Vulture about it and upon being asked if there’s any pop culture that she will defend to the end, she spoke about men’s attitudes to female-led movies. She talked about an incident where she recommended one of her male friends see Bridesmaids, as he hadn’t seen it before, and his response was “Well, you know, it’s just a film about girls, isn’t it? Just a bunch of girls.”

She explains: “I was so upset that there is this perception of a female film being something lesser than what you would have with a group of men. Bridesmaids at its core is about friendship. It’s about a girl, a person, building herself up from the bottom and taking what she has left and making something of it. It’s funny and there are great performances in it and it’s a great movie.

“I’ve noticed that a lot, actually, because I’ve always loved that movie. It’s the men that I’ve spoken to, of all ages, who seem to have the perception of what an all-female film is — that it’s wishy-washy or doesn’t really have any substance to it. So that’s something that I absolutely stand by.”

She compared the movie to her own film Lady Bird, saying: “One of the things that [director] Greta [Gerwig] and I definitely want people to know is this absolutely is for girls to go and see and go, “Oh, I can feel like that and it’s okay and I can make a movie and hopefully it would be seen and I will be listened to.” But also boys get it! The men I’ve spoken to who have seen it have actually said, “I was Lady Bird in high school. I relate to who she was.””