It's absolutely shocking to think that a grown man, a comedic actor no less, appeared on a late-night talk show after having a couple of drinks and appearing somewhat drunk.

Really, it's just depressing that moral standards on television have sunk so low that Chris O'Dowd went on 'The Last Leg', was a bit sloshed, and managed to entertain an audience and the show's host with a few funny stories. How dare he. It's shameful stuff, really.

O'Dowd went on a tour of contrition on Twitter late last night, presumably after sleeping off the drink and vowing never to consume alcohol again, where he admitted that he was in fact drunk.

As O'Dowd pointed out on Twitter, it didn't feel to him like he drank a lot, but admitted that he went straight from the gym to the studio and didn't eat between. That's a common mistake, to be fair, and drinking on an empty stomach can get you messy fast.

The Roscommon native did, however, cop to being a little embarrassed, but added that "to keep things in perspective, it’s a tipsy comedian on a late night chat show on Channel 4. I wasn’t doing meth on (BBC Breakfast)."

After all, how many times has Mark Wahlberg done 'Graham Norton' half-cut? The best shows are like that, for Christ's sake.