We reckon this Friday night's episode of CBeebies Bedtime Story might be getting A LOT more viewing figures than usual.

Fans of Marvel and the upcoming cinematic release, 'Thor: Love and Thunder', are in for quite a treat this weekend as the one and only Chris Hemsworth will be reading a story for CBeebies.

Usually only reserved for the little ones as they hop off to bed each evening, we're sure we can make it to 6.50 pm this Friday night to see Thor Odinson swing his hammer around read us a heartwarming tale about being afraid of thunder and lightning.

This weekend's reading session will be the Australian actor's CBeebies debut, as he reads 'Stormy Night' by Salina Yoon.

Chris said of his new bedtime gig: "I love nothing more than reading bedtime stories to my children and it was a joy to get to read Stormy Night, a story about a little bear who is scared of storms. Even though I know a thing or two about thunder and lightning, I always feel better when the storm passes."

Chris Hemsworth is the latest Marvel recruit to join the CBeebies hall of fame. Tom Hiddleston, who plays Thor's half-brother Loki on screen, featured on the children's show last year; Chris Evans, who played Captain America in the Avengers, also appeared; 'Deadpool' star Ryan Reynolds kept his potty mouth at bay while reading 'Where The Wild things Are'; while Tom Hardy, who is kind of in the Marvel universe for playing Eddie Brock/Venom in two Sony films, appeared a number of times, some alongside his pooch Blue.

Catch Chris Hemsworth on CBeebies this Friday, July 8 at 6.50 pm.