It seems Chris Evans has already chosen his dream team to co-present with him on Top Gear, with filming kicking off this coming Wednesday.

The new host let it slip when chatting on Nick Grimshaw's Radio 1 Breakfast Show when a listener questioned why he hadn't replied to his audition tape, to which Evans joked; "It's not rocket science is it my friend. Obviously it wasn't good enough!"

Chris Evans and the Top Gear team put out an open audition call for co-presenters on the series last June, and it seemed they've found what they've been looking for; "We did look at every single one of them [audition tapes] and we called back a few people and we invited those people down to the Top Gear track at Dunsfold Aerodrome.

"We gave them full on proper scripted multi-camera auditions and there will be announcements pending."

He added of the new presenters; "Some people may have done a bit of telly, but they are from these auditions. It's on the telly in May but we start filming next Wednesday."

Very interesting. So basically it could be absolutely anybody... it's you isn't it??

If you can't wait until May to catch Chris Evans on the box, don't forget a new series of TFI Friday kicks off tonight!