Wexford native Charlie Murphy, best known for her roles in 'Peaky Blinders', 'Love/Hate' and 'Rebellion', is joining Showtime's big-budget adaptation of 'Halo'.

Murphy will star as Makee, a human who was orphaned and raised by the alien Covenant and "shares their contempt for humanity." Based on the gaming franchise of the same name, 'Halo' has been in the works for years.

Murphy won't be the only Irish member of the cast, as Natascha McElhone will be playing Cortana, the AI system that's plugged directly into the head of Master Chief, who'll be played by Pablo Schreiber. Meanwhile, Kate Kennedy - who starred alongside Sharon Horgan in 'Catastrophe' - will play a Spartan soldier, Kai-125.

The series had been delayed numerous times, however Showtime have now taken on the task of adapting it for television, with Steven Spielberg's Amblin Television banner also heavily involved.

It's early days yet, and it's not yet known where the series will end up on this side of the Atlantic. Production only began this weekend, and the likelihood is that 'Halo' won't be on screens until 2021 at the latest.