Despite all the big names and bigger voices that have done Carpool Karaoke to date, there has been one glaring omission - until now.

Celine Dion has finally joined James Corden for the singalong segment, and let's just say that it doesn't disappoint.

As she shows Corden around Las Vegas - where she has had a residency at Caesar's Palace for the last few years - she is delightfully bonkers. Within seconds, she is starting her own singalong of 'My Heart Will Go On' and responding to his questions in song-form. Corden's 'What the hell have I gotten myself into' look is written all over his face - especially when she winds down the window to pose for fan photos.

As for the actual karaoke part, there are hits including 'It's All Coming Back to Me Now', 'Because You Loved Me', and even a rendition of 'Baby Shark'. Yes, really.

And as for that 'My Heart Will Go On' finale? You'll just have to watch.

Watch it below: