There's another new reality TV show on its way to your screens soon fronted by 'Love Island' presenter Caroline Flack.

Called 'The Surjury', the premise of the Channel 4 show is already causing a stir. It sees a jury made up of 12 members of the public deciding whether or not somebody should be granted plastic surgery or not. Honestly, hoped we were past all this when 'The Swan' finished up.

Channel 4 said in a press release on 'The Surjury', "From bum-lifts to nose jobs, sculpted abs to breast enlargements, 'The Surjury' allows people to explore their choices more thoroughly, and to take measured advice from their peers, some of whom may previously have gone under the knife themselves and will happily hold court on the subject.

"While some of their reasons for surgery will be obvious, some will require the candidate to remove items of clothing to show exactly what they want done and where, in an effort to secure 75% of the jury vote and get their procedure. Months later they’ll be invited back to show off the results."

Caroline Flack, who today has been announced as the host of 'The Surjury' said on Instagram, "I’m over the moon to be hosting my first Channel 4 show The Surjury".

Becky Cadman, factual entertainment commissioning editor for Channel 4 said: "'The Surjury' is an innovative format that promises to literally, get under the skin of people who think that a quick fix is their best option."

Channel 4 are also now looking for contestants to take part. An ad on the show's website reads:

"Have you been seeking a cosmetic procedure? Would you like the chance to be given your life-changing surgery for free? This new TV show could make your surgical dreams come true."

They're also looking for people with "views on cosmetic procedures" to form the jury.

The show was announced earlier in the year and already has been the source of much controversy. British MPs have slammed the show as "tawdry and exploitative".

Channel 4’s chief executive, Alex Mahon responded by saying, "This is not intended to be exploitative and tawdry but is bringing to the fore an important issue in society today."

No word yet on when we will get to see 'The Surjury' but no doubt you will hear plenty about it when it finally airs.