'Love Island' returns to Virgin Media Two this day next week.

Just as a reminder, 'Love Island' follows a bunch of singletons living together and looking for love. Over a number of weeks, in a luxury Mallorcan villa, they'll be tasked with various challenges. Loyalties get twisted and the path to love is far from smooth.

Iain Stirling returns as the show's narrator. More exciting still is the return of Caroline Flack as the show's host.

Flack reflected on what has made the show such a telly favourite:

"The makers of the show just know how to twist and turn things and these are things that can happen in real relationships, we test relationships to see how strong they are and that’s what you need sometimes, a little test."

She also talked about a favourite of hers on the show - the 'Flack attacks.'

"I love it, I feel like I’m in such a privileged position to do them because it’s the sort of stuff I’d be speaking about anyway as a viewer. I feel like a viewer that’s getting to go in the villa. To deliver that news and be part of the narrative is really exciting. And also hosting 'Aftersun', to be able to talk about everything going on in 'Love Island' and to be able to narrate that chat is a real privilege."

Flack also opened up about how important it is to be impartial even though she struggles with it:

"I have to stay impartial but of course if you see someone in there and you feel for them, you want to just go in there and say ‘It’s okay, I’m here on your side!’ But I can’t, I have to be professional."

She also argued that it doesn't mean she's totally unfeeling either:

"I support them, I can’t be a robot when it comes to the show otherwise I wouldn’t be the right person to do it."

'Love Island' returns to Virgin Media Two on Monday 3rd June at 9pm.

'Love Island: Aftersun' returns the following Sunday.