We've had five seasons of 'Love Island' so far and for the last few, there has been the same 'final twist.' That envelope reveal used to take a very different format.

Viewers at home were only delighted at Greg and Amber winning the 'Love Island' final last night.

After they were announced as the winners, host Caroline Flack went through the motions with them. Both were offered an envelope - one with £50k in it and one with nothing. The person who got the prize money could choose to take it for themselves or share it with their fellow winner.

Greg got the envelope containing the moola and naturally, he said he'd share with Amber.

Last year, when Jack and Dani won the prize and Jack opened the envelope, the 'final twist' set-up seemed silly. The two were moving in together for crying out loud so no one was going to do a runner.

We previously wrote about the pointless of the final twist. Surely it makes no sense to take the money as the individual who does so will be loathed by the nation and thus lose all subsequent endorsement opportunities.

But in fairness, the first series of 'Love Island' had a way more intriguing format.

In it, the final couple individually had to decide if they wanted 'love or money'.

If both of them chose 'love' then they split the cash. If one chose 'money' but the other love then the 'money' picker would win the entire £50k.

But get this - if both chose 'money' they would both go home with nothing. Now that's a twist.

Still, the psychological ramifications of one of the couple choosing love while the other chooses money would be a matter for concern. And in the wake of recent tragedies, 'Love Island' execs have prioritised the mental health of contestants. During the current series, Amy was given counselling during her break-up with Curtis. Currently all the finalists are being kept on 24-hour aftercare lockdown for 'fame aid' sessions.

In any case, they need to change the current format because it's boring and predictable. It's only ever going to go one way. Unless you're tick.