'Love Island' is over for another year and while we are pretty much done talking about it, let's take a moment to acknowledge how utterly pointless and almost insulting that ''love or money'' twist is at the end. Also is it even a twist if they do the same thing every year?

Dani and Jack had all of five seconds basking in their win when Caroline Flack, clearly knowing how ridiculous the upcoming question was, had them standing apart like school children as she asked them each to pick an envelope. Dani picked the empty one, Jack picked the one had the £50,000 prize money in it.

The not-so-big question, which saw the lights dramatically dimmed and tense music set in, was whether Jack was going to keep all of the money for himself or split it with Dani. He then had to wait the obligatory reality TV pause amount of time before he said, "I'm splitting it, obviously."

'Love Island' has had some version of this ''twist'' since it came back on our screens in 2015 and it's always been a no brainer as to what the couple would do. They haven't made it though eight weeks of mind melting reality show drama to fall at this simple final hurdle. And also, eh, Danny Dyer clearly wouldn't let Jack live to spend a penny of it.