With the new series of The Great British Bake Off in full swing, last night saw the third contestant eliminated from the show (spoilers ahead, clearly.)

And really, it was no surprise that poor Amelia was the one to go, as she had a bit of a shocker during Bread Week. Prue, in particular, was not a fan of her chilli-infused share 'n' tear loaf, while her comment about not liking cheese (?!!!) was enough for the public to lose complete faith in her.

Michael, meanwhile, won Star Baker and has well and truly positioned himself as a prime contender for the final - and Henry had a pretty decent week, too.

And all of us were still missing Jamie, who probably would have set something on fire if he hadn't been knocked out last week.

Here are the best tweets from last night's GBBO...

Next week is Dairy Week - so set your reminders for Tuesday at 8pm.