If you want to know just how far the US has fallen, and how utterly insane the Trump administration's handling of all this has been, the makers of Dettol and Lysol had to make statements contradicting Donald Trump's statements earlier this week.

A reminder, folks, that he said this in front of cameras, with people watching, knowing full well (or maybe not) what he was saying. Later, of course, the utter clown of a human then tried to brush the whole thing off as a "sarcastic" comment. That's right, he's using the "haha, just joking!" strategy.

Yeah, it's real 4D chess with Trump.

Anyway, 'SNL' opened up with Dr. Fauci - played by none other than Brad Pitt - taking time out from his busy schedule of trying to reassure Americans with his calm, lucid statements on the realities of the situation by debunking a few of Trump's most choice comments.

For example, on the subject of describing the tests as "beautiful", Dr. Fauci said that they're not really beautiful "if your idea of beauty is getting your brain tickled by a cotton swab." On the topic of Trump's comments that it "will disappear one day, like a miracle," Fauci correctly points out that whle people love miracles, "even Sully tried to land at the airport first."

Of course, the real reason why Pitt was on 'SNL' was really to fulfill Dr. Fauci's humourous request that whenever a movie's made about all of this, that Brad Pitt get the role. We're not there yet, but he's putting in the work now for it and he's got the accent somewhere along the way.

Take a look.