No doubt that Donald Trump is the kind of person who doesn't give a single bit of attention to what people really think.

You only need to look at, well, all of his interviews, speeches, letters, tweets to know that he has absolutely no empathy or understanding of what people think of him. All he's really concerned with is how he perceives himself.

If you're outside of that perception, if you don't think the way he thinks, you're nothing to him. It's why he's surrounded himself with lackeys and subservient people who either don't care enough about him to tell him the truth, or they're afraid to do so.

A photo doing the rounds on Twitter yesterday is the clearest evidence of this. Why? If somebody loved you, and cared about you, they wouldn't let you leave the house looking like this. More than that, they'd warn you that you didn't blend the spray tan in properly.

But Trump? No, he has nobody with him to warn him. And those that noticed didn't care enough to warn him. Take a look.

Now, you're probably thinking that that photo is a Photoshop image and not actually real. Not so. Not so at all. Multiple photos reveal that, yes, Donald Trump's utterly obvious spray tan wasn't blended in properly at the sides, resulting in this very bad look.

Wire photos from Getty and PA yesterday showed Trump leaving Marine One after a visit to North Carolina, with numerous photos highlighting Trump's spray tan face.

As any MUA worth their salt will tell you, blending is half the battle when it comes to a consistent look. Trump, however? Like so much about him, it's all only surface work and demonstrates a complete disregard for finer details. Just spray that f*cker on, it's good enough.

Is that not indicative of everything about him? That it's all so glaringly obvious, so patently fake, but he's got that wry smile on his face like he thinks he's the shit and he's getting one over on us all.