There's nothing quite like a Traveller wedding, or so we've discovered over the past few years as our fascination with Big Fat Gypsy Weddings grew and inspired countless documentaries, including the likes of The Truth About Travellers. Now, the girls are back in action for a Valentine's Day special on Channel 4.

16-year-old Ina is marrying her first fella and her guna is something truly special because it's made from glitter fabric, a material that's most commonly used in wallpaper. Well, they do say a bride will do anything to look good on her big day...

Then there's 15-year-old Danielle who is convinced she's found her true love in 21-year-old Brendan and can't wait to start her new life with her husband to be. They're getting hitched the day after her 16th birthday. "People think that I'm 15 and I don't know what love is", says Danielle. "but he's perfect for me and hopefully I'll be perfect for him." You're still a child love... oh we're not even going to go there. Anyway, to add to the romance/drama, yer man goes and gets himself into a spot of trouble with the law the big day is put in jeopardy.

Finally we meet 8-year-old Theresa, an Irish Traveller with strong opinions. This feisty little wan explains the rules of romance to us. She knows all about it because her "mum and dad are in love". But they'll have trouble if they try to marry this little woman off while she's young. Theresa says she'll be putting men on the back burner so she can "concentrate on her career".

Catch My Big Fat Gyspy Valentine on Channel 4 on Monday February 11th.