Fan favourite Anton Danyluk won't feature on tonight's episode of 'Love Island'.

But don't worry, there isn't a particularly sinister reason for his departure. Rather, Anton was taken out of the villa for feeling sick.

The Scottish gym owner reportedly felt unwell during the day and subsequently spent the night away from the other Islanders.

He'll thus be missing from the proceedings in tonight's dramatic episode. You can read all about it here.

Previously, Amy took a day leave of absence from the 'Love Island' villa to seek counselling following her separation with Curtis.

Anton's currently coupled with Belle Hassan. They split for a day following a row but have since made amends.

While some believe the two could win, they face fierce competition from Molly Mae and Tommy as well as, as of late, Curtis and Maura.

At least they're not as out of favor from the public as Anna and Jordan seem to be. You can read the odds on the favourites to win as they now stand here.

Anton will return in Thursday night's episode.