One week into 'I'm A Celeb' and tensions are running high in the camp and for viewers at home too, it seems. Last night 'I'm A Celebrity' did a live trial and a lot of people watching were not happy with how it went.

The trial was a jungle homage to 'Love Island', ITV's other hugely successful reality TV show you may have heard of. James Haskell and Roman Kemp were the celebs tasked with collecting three stars so that all of their hungry campmates could get dinner.

The English rugby player and the Capital Radio presenter had to lie in a bed filled with snakes. They then had just 90 seconds to unscrew the stars in boxes beside the bed filled with a crab, spiders and cockroaches, and move it into a corresponding box, also filled with lots of jungle critters.

James had a lot of trouble with a particularly hostile crab at the start while Roman also struggled. The pair failed to complete the task in the allotted time and fans were not happy, saying it was like they were set up to fail. Those hangry campmates are creating a lot of drama after all.


However, Ant and Dec have hit back on their Twitter, saying:


So now, the stand-ins did it.

Dec also added:

Their failure meant that three celebs - Ian Wright, Cliff Parisi and Andy Whyment would not be getting the roast dinner with the rest of the camp.

There will no living with Ian now.