'Since U Been Gone' was the song, but Clarkson failed to recognise it in time, resulting in the mother of all embarrassments.

Anne Hathaway managed to seal a victory over Kelly Clarkson during a rather fun game of something confusingly called "Sing That Name That Tune".

The actor, known for 'The Princess Diaries' and famously winning Best Supporting Actress for 'Les Miserables', appeared on the singer's chat show this week, 'The Kelly Clarkson Show'.

Normally quite a chaotic affair at the best of times, the show brought back a singing segment hosted by Matt Iseman, whereby Clarkson and her guest have to guess a song from the introduction alone and continue singing whatever song they believe it to be, hopefully securing a point for themselves.

However, the latest offering of the musical segment saw the chat show host and pop star collapse under the weight of shame, as she failed to recognise one of her own pretty well-known chart hits - 'Since U Been Gone' from 2004.

Getting back up on her feet after Hathaway belts out in autotune, Clarkson screamed at her guest, "How did you know it from just that?!", with the star's response being, "We all love that song. Everybody here knew it".

It turns out the host was pretty bad at her own game, as the score after Hathaway's win was 4 - 0 in favour of the Oscar winner.

Here's the moment all of the drama unfolded.

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