Everybody remain calm, but there's a bona fide star going to be on The Late Late Show this week, and we don't mean the star of the Ploughing Championships either, this person is known, like outside of Ireland.

It's Russell Crowe! Yep, he's back again. Clearly he can't get enough of us. The New Zealand actor will be in town to promote his upcoming gig here with his band in October. Yes, in case you forgot, Russell Crowe is in a band called Indoor Garden Party. The Gladiator and Man of Steel star will be performing with them on The Late Late Show tomorrow night as well as having a sit down with Ryan for a catch up which inevitably will focus on whatever tenuous connection to Ireland Crowe has.

Also if you're in the audience tomorrow night, try and remember that Russell Crowe DOES NOT LIKE YOUR OUT OF TIME CLAPPING.

Also on The Late Late Show tomorrow night, Elaine Cassidy and Angeline Ball join Ryan to chat about their new RTE drama Acceptable Risk, which kicks off this Sunday night.

Francis Brennan will be on talking about turning his attention to the nation’s living rooms with his new book on managing homes.

The Late Late Show also pays tribute to legendary Irish sports broadcaster Jimmy Magee who passed away this week. Ryan will be chatting to some of the Memory Man's friends and colleagues as they look back on the life of the man who, for many people, was the defining voice of Irish sport.