There are many things that Europe has that the United States doesn't - sensible gun laws, existing structures over 500 years old, and of course, the Eurovision Song Contest.

Yet, because Americans seemingly need more reasons and excuses to fight one another, they're now creating their own version of the Eurovision Song Contest. The American Song Contest - because why come up with something original - will feature music and songs from all 50 states competing for the glory and the honour of winning a contest that people use as a means of showing how funny they are on social media.

There's no word yet on when the actual event will take place but THR speculates that the event will take place in 2021. Given how successful Eurovision is, it's clear there's a taste for across the Atlantic. Not only that, the viewing figures around Eurovision are insane. In 2016, over 200 million people watched the event on live television and trended across all social media for the night.

The American Song Contest - again, that's really what they're calling it - will be produced by Swedish company Brain Academy under the auspices of the European Broadcast Union, just like the real Eurovision. Whether or not the American Song Contest will have the same impact as Eurovision remains to be seen, of course, but can they possibly hope to this?