Amazon Studios announced this morning that it has signed an overall television deal with visionary and award-winning writer Neil Gaiman.

What is destined to be a match made in heaven, the creator of the highly anticipated Amazon Original series 'Good Omens' and the Hugo Award-winning book 'American Gods', Gaiman will exclusively work with Amazon Studios on the creation of television series' which will premiere globally on Amazon Prime Video.

There has been no word yet on what exactly Gaiman will be working on with the studio, but if his back catalogue is anything to go by ('Coraline', 'Neverwhere', 'The Sandman'), viewers are in for a treat. 

Said Gaiman on the announcement, “What decided me was how much I enjoyed working with the Amazon team on 'Good Omens'. They are smart, gloriously enthusiastic people, who weren't afraid of 'Good Omens' being different, but who were as determined as I was to make something as unique and exciting as it is. I'm thrilled to know that I'll have a home at Amazon in the future where I can make television that nobody's seen before, that's quite unlike 'Good Omens', but just as unusual and just as much fun.”

Taking understanding from his comments, we potentially might get some original content that is not adapted from any of his previous novels and comic series'. 

'Good Omens', which was a joint collaboration from comic Gaiman and best-selling fictional novelist Terry Pratchett written 30 years ago, will debut on Amazon sometime in 2019. It has a stellar cast, including Jon Hamm, Michael Sheen, David Tennant, and everyone's favourite Nick Offerman

Exciting times indeed.