As Amazon begins to gear up for its billion-dollar Lord Of The Rings television series, more and more information is leaking online and giving us a clearer picture of what to expect.

As previously reported, Peter Jackson is now one of the directors who has been approached to take on the series and has likely now met with Amazon to discuss the next stages. is now reporting that the first season of the series will follow young Aragorn and his adventures before he joined up with Frodo Baggins and the rest of the Fellowship.

While it is possible that Viggo Mortensen could return in the role - Aragorn was actually 87, but because he was Númenórean, he didn't age normally - they'll likely have to cast someone else to play him in his younger days. Not only that, JRR Tolkien's writings for Lord Of The Rings were so dense and sketched out that there's an entire history sketched out from Aragorn's childhood right up until his death that wasn't even touched in the original trilogy.

Focusing the first season of Aragorn also lends weight to the belief that each season of the series will focus on a different character - so you could potentially have one whole season devoted to Gandalf, another to Arwen, another one again to Elrond, one for Bormoir and the Stewards of Gondor, and on and on.

Given how Amazon is banking all this money on it, what this will ultimately hinge on is the writing and directing - so while the concept may be there, it remains to be seen what comes of it.


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