So we didn’t foretell this happening at all. 'Cause having two randomers presenting from 6am 'til 7am, and then dragging in Lorraine for an eternity and lumbering her with grinning Aled Jones for most of it while sitting in what appears to be Venus just before the planet combusted into molten lava (judging by the décor, we'll say 1989).

A spokesperson was obviously on hand to defend the show, saying it was going to be bloody brilliant in time. Speaking with the MailOnline, they said: "This is day one of a new Daybreak - naturally we expect a mix of views with regards to the change as the programme beds in. As we have said we don't expect overnight success - change takes time but we are confident the foundations are in place now for a great breakfast show and we look forward to building on this."

Yesterday's first episode saw in the region of 600,000 viewers, while an estimated 1.43million stuck to BBC Breakfast.

Since I didn't watch it myself, what with being on a Dart at 7am of a morning, I've turned to the good people of Twitter for a critique of yesterday's opening show. Among them…

"Ah s**t, Daybreak has turned back into' Someone else wrote: 'What the hells happening on #daybreak its like being in a time warp from 20 years ago!!'
"The new daybreak is absolutely disgusting. Who told them all that orange looked good anywhere."
"Gave it a chance but wont be watching anymore. The new early presenters are not good and lorraine and aled are unwatchable!"
"Don't like this new look 'Daybreak'. Sorry, Aled Jones doesn't cut the mustard for me.'"
"Im not being negative but im always up at 6 and ive always watched #daybreak .......i HATE IT!!! ALED JONES?? Why??"

On the upside, Aled, no one requested the immediate reinstatement of Christine Bleakley or Adrian Chiles.