It's been over thirty years since Alan Partridge first entered our lives, but Steve Coogan's iconic character remains an enduring presence on the comedy scene.

However, following a podcast ('From the Oasthouse') and a live tour ('Strategem'), it's been a good while since we last saw the cringey radio DJ/TV presenter on our TV screens.

The good news is that another Alan Partridge series, the first since 2019's 'This Time with Alan Partridge', is in the works and shooting has already begun.

It's called 'And Did Those Feet...' and the six-part series "follows the beloved comedy creation settling into life back in his Norfolk home after a year working in Saudi Arabia, but the adjustment has left him with a deep sense of unease."

It will be "one of the first - if not the first - documentary to address the issue of mental wellness" as it follows Partridge "on a quest to understand what’s going on, with Britain’s minds and his own. It’s a show that makes a statement that will create shockwaves: “I’m Alan Partridge, and I’m not OK.”

The BBC's Head of Comedy, Jon Petrie, said: "This look into the state of the nation (and Alan’s own psyche) through a unique lens – that of Alan Partridge – promises to further bolster the already iconic repertoire of the most legendary comedy character in the UK."

Once filming has wrapped, Coogan has another big role on the horizon as he stars in the West End adaptation of Dr. Strangelove - which is coming to Dublin's Bord Gais Energy Theatre in 2025.