Considering how 'American Horror Story' has cycled through everything from folk horror to politically-relevant horror, to witchcraft and everything else, 'AHS: 1984' feels strangely like it's about three seasons too late.

For one thing, Netflix's 'Stranger Things' has pretty much cornered the market on '80s nostalgia horror, so it's invariably going to have to deal with comparisons to it. Secondly, 'AHS: 1984' is basically taking beats out of the likes of John Carpenter's 'Halloween', Wes Craven's 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' and - of course - 'Friday the 13th'. Again, if you're an '80s horror fan, odds are you're probably going to have a better time watching any of those than this.

Are we being too hard on this? Probably, but to be honest, the last couple of seasons of 'American Horror Story' have been pretty poor, so here's hoping this is the shot in the arm to keep it going. Odds are that it won't be, seeing as how Ryan Murphy has departed for Netflix, and the likelihood that Disney is going to swallow FX whole in the next while - meaning any kind of R-rated content like this will be fired out of a cannon.

Fun times. Here's the trailer. 'American Horror Story: 1984' starts on Wednesday, September 18th and an Irish air date shouldn't be far behind.