'Saturday Night Live' has pulled it out of the bag once again.

Adele joined the cast of 'SNL' last night as the special host of the evening, and just like we predicted, the show was a huge success. And one particular Adele 'SNL' sketch has been doing the rounds because the pop star couldn't keep it together.

While she wasn't the musical guest on the night, sadly - H.E.R. stole the show performing 'Hold On' - it didn't make any difference for fans waiting for her new album. What we got was something else entirely; damn good comedy.

Standing in front of a green screen of "an African beach", Adele stood in the middle of Kate Mckinnon and Heidi Gardner as they all promote the continent as your next travel destination. All called "Joanne", the three of them list out various words such as "beach", "sky" and "tall, tall tribesmen", which are all apparently associated with a holiday there. (If you remember the "porn Stars" clips from a few years ago, this is along the same lines).

McKinnon, who is a master at keeping her face straight in many similar sketches in the past ("Whiskers R We" we're looking at you), teams up with her co-star Gardner to ensure Adele doesn't get through her lines without breaking character. And she does so on a number of occasions, making the sketch even more hilarious.

Here's the full corpsing Adele 'SNL' sketch for you.