Pretty much 24 years since he was fired from 'SNL', Adam Sandler returned to the show that gave him his start - and opened his hosting of the show by singing about it.

Sandler, who was 23 when he started on 'SNL', has since gone on to become a comedy icon and made over $4 billion at the box office (and yes, we checked that figure and it's accurate).

Helping him out to sing his little ditty, however, was none other than Chris Rock - who was also fired from 'SNL' - and Pete Davidson, who wasn't fired but was jokingly warned by Sandler to "give it time."

Sandler also covered some of the cast who began with him, including Chris Rock, the sadly departed Chris Farley, and joked about (but maybe not, it was the '90s) losing his virginity in the same studio as 'SNL'.

The best sketch of the night, however, came when Adam Sandler was joined by the entire cast - dressed as his characters. To top it all off, you even had Jimmy Fallon and Kirsten Wiig roll up for a quick cameo, whilst Shawn Mendes was in there as 'Happy Gilmore'. Pete Davidson's impression of 'Little Nicky' was spot-on, too.

Take a look.