Chris Rock can give some pretty good life advice. 

He's built many of his stand up routines around some pretty astute observations about the world after all. That being said, Rock is a mere human after all and can sometimes put his foot in his mouth when doling out said advice. 

Such an occasion happened when he was invited to the final White House party during the Obama administration. Rock regaled to The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, the story of how he ended up in conversation alone with Michelle Obama when the former First Lady said to the comedian "I don't know what we're going to do. This is such a crazy time."

We'll let Rock fill you in on where he took the conversation from there. 

"And she gives me a look like 'Who let this guy in my house?'"

We wouldn't blame her in fairness. Michelle Obama on the Housewives of Atlanta? Could you imagine?

Michelle found an out to the conversation when Oprah walked by and Rock was left to find someone more appreciative of his sage advice. Like former NBA superstar Charles Barkley.