It might come as shock to some people, but merchandising for big franchises like Star Wars any of the Marvel films is big, big business.

For television, however, it's only recently that shows are beginning to capitalise on it somewhat and only in instances where the show has crossed over into mainstream, widespread appeal. Game of Thrones is one such example, considering that there's everything from Funko statues to... this.

A Hodor doorstop. Incredible. Just look at it.

Tony Wang created the Hodorstop and is currently applying to HBO for a licensing permit to begin creation. He's already raised about $60,000 as of writing and it's quite possible that HBO will go for it.

There's all sorts of tat for Game of Thrones; including beer glasses, cups, T-shirts, Funko Pop thingamajigs, bags, all of it - why not something actually practical like a doorstop in the form of Hodor?

Hell, we could always use a doorstop and what better way to commemorate.. brave... Hodor's sacrifice... JESUS CHRIST HODOR YOU WERE THE BRAVEST MAN WE EVER KNEW AND YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.



Via Kickstarter