Friends remains one one of the most watched (and now streamed) shows on TV ever, even 25 years on.

People are still fascinated by the hit sitcom. Behind-the-scenes stories of Friends and meme generation are a testament to that.

In relation to the latter, Ross Geller was recently trending for how much he looks like Nic Cage.

As for the former, a new article published by The Guardian interviews various supporting cast members from the show who played characters like Fun Bobby, Ross and Monica's parents, and Mr Heckles.

One story that emerged from the show was Jane Sibbett's (Carol) relevation that a dirty suggestion of hers made it into an episode.

It also turns out that one of the supporting cast members was almost cast as Ross.

Mitchell Whitfield, who plays Barry Farber, the man Rachel nearly marries in the pilot, says he auditioned for Ross and Chandler. He said:

"I went back multiple times, and then they realised Ross was the role for me. I got down to the very end, and was testing for the show.

"At the last minute, they said: “We’re bringing in one more guy to read”. That guy turned out to be David Schwimmer."

Whitfield added:

"My wife, she cringes a little bit because if I had ended up getting the part of Ross, I’d have made tens of millions of dollars. But I never think about that."

Here's a reminder of Barry Farber:

Yeah, we can't imagine anyone playing Ross better than David Schwimmer to be honest.