If you were relatively young watching 'Friends', chances are a lot of jokes went over your head.

After all the show is about six single friends in their 20s in New York. Chances are they're going to get down and dirty.

Still, the guys behind the sitcom obviously wanted to score on ratings and not be held back by a watershed slot. Thus any and all adult themed jokes in the series are subtly done.

Here's one you might have missed.

Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rach (Jennifer Aniston) had onlt just broke up in 'The One With the Ski Trip'. When the five friends go on holiday without him, Ross turns to ex-wife Carol (Jane Sibbett) for comfort.

Sibbett recalled to The Guardian how "there was one joke [they] kept changing" because they "couldn't get it right."

She said:

"It was the episode where Susan and I are celebrating our anniversary, and Ross comes over at an inopportune moment, and I had to telegraph to him that it isn't a good time.

"So I removed a little pube from my tongue. That was the only time I pitched something that was really outrageous, and it actually got on air."

You can watch the scene below:

The filth!