We all love our families, obviously. They've always got our back, always there to turn to in a crisis - they're our blood for crying out loud. Man though, they are annoying, and for some reason this situation is often exacerbated when watching the telly.

Whether it's your mam and dad, your siblings, your other half, or your doting children, all of them are capable of ruining even the most basic TV watching experience in so many, many ways, some of which we have outlined below.

1. The Channel Hopper

A habit belonging to the indecisive member of your clan. We know there may be nothing decent on the box at that particular time but for the love of God, CHOOSE!!! The worst culprits are those that play the risky game of hopping to another channel on the ad break of your favourite show.

Make no mistake, this is a form of torture.

2. Constant Questions

Look, it's not like people aren't entitled to have a few questions about the show or movie you are watching. Of course they can, we're not monsters. Just please reserve all lines of questioning until the ad break or at least what looks to be an uneventful part.

Or you know, Google it, there is a perfectly good phone in your hand.

3. "I Recognise Him" 

The 'How do I know that person?' question....followed by "I do, I know him from somewhere.... Wasn't he in that thing with your man? I definitely recognise him.. That will annoy me now."

Will it? Will it annoy YOU??

4. Standing in front of the TV

This is just television etiquette 101. Unless you are telling us that A) The world is ending, or B) Our lives or the lives of someone we love are in danger, then there's no cause for you to be blocking our view of the TV.

Or pizza, we'll probably let you away with it if you've got pizza.

5. Awkward sex scenes

This one can happen with anyone you're watching telly with, but by far the most awkward is with your parents. We all know they've had sex before (ewwww), it's how they made you after all, but we don't need to see it played out on screen.

You have three options here, you either sit in silence, inevitably not moving an inch, waiting for these excruciating minutes to pass.

Or you can turn to your parents and use this opportunity to ask them about their day.

Or, and our personal favourite - "Tea, anybody?" Then get the hell out of dodge.

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