Well we have all had a good night's sleep now and recovered from one of the biggest night's in soap for quite some time. After ten long months, and a suspect list that seemed to initially comprise everyone that had ever had lived on Albert Square, we finally know who killed Lucy Beale. It was Damien... the devil child!

Okay no, so it was Lucy's younger brother Bobby, with the jewellery box, in the sitting room. The big reveal came as a massive twist at the end of the flashback episode last night, with the nation initially believing it to be Jane Beale. In fairness she has been acting very shifty this last while, so she was one of the top suspects, but as it turns out, Jane was covering for her adopted son the whole time.

There he is now... *shudder*

So why should we all have known this from the start?

Well first off, after Lucy died, Jane took Bobby away for about six months, only returning in November when Bobby had ran away.

And where was little Bobby found? On Walford Common by Masood near where Lucy's body was found.

Yeah come on folks, what's wrong with us? We should have known then and there. Shame on us.

Bobby seemed to be trying to solve Lucy's murder and that's why he returned... or that's what we were led to believe anyways.

Second of all, when Bobby did rock up, it was a completely different person! This was the Bobby we saw back in April when Lucy actually died.

And below is Eliot Carrington, who has been playing him since November. So clearly this devil child had used his powers to change what he looked like! Or you know, the show producers realised they needed an older, more trained actor for the part.

Thirdly, the jewellery box! We've known for some time now, that this music box was significant to the whole plot, with a clue at the NTA's saying it was the last thing Lucy Beale ever heard, making it clear she must have died at home.

The first mention of this music box came when it was found wrapped under the tree on Christmas day by Cindy, WHO would do such a thing? Yeah you may want to take a look at that pic below again.

Bobby strikes once more!

Fourthly, Bobby has been through some time of it folks! His mum Laura died when he was only a baby, (she fell down the stairs and everyone thought Janine had murdered her) and Ian didn't even acknowledge Bobby was his until after she died. Since then his home life has been far from stable with his adopted mum Jane leaving, his dad having a massive breakdown, and pretty much a revolving door of maternal figures coming into his life.

Bobby's real mum Laura below... who definitely had a bit of the crazy in her at times.

It was only a matter of time really.

The fifth and final reason we should all have known is The Simpsons! Did the 'Who Shot Mr Burns' story teach us NOTHING? After months of speculation, it emerged back in 1995, Maggie Simpson was the one who pulled the trigger. Twenty years later, history has repeated itself folks, only this time on Albert Square.


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