There's just something about Irish Reality TV, be it the errr, charm of our presenters or the downright strange nature of out contestants, that makes it unique. Sure as the mother would say, "they wouldn't put that on the telly anywhere else, now would they?".

So, on the day that the Healy-Rae clan start Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we figured it was high time we paid homage to those programmes that we can never, ever, ever forget (seriously, we've tried), with a rundown of just 5 of our favourite hilariously Irish attempts at Reality TV.

5. Celebrities Gone Wild
Remembered more for the Healy-Rae voting scandal than anything else (Jackie and his pals were using the phone lines in the Dáil to spur young Michael to victory), this 2007 reality TV show was launched in aid of People In Need, with a long haired Díithí O'Sé, Mickey Joe Harte, the sadly departed Katy French and, of course Michael Healy-Rae among the contestants. Their challenge? Turning their backs on pampered lives for a week-long trek through the err, unforgiving landscapes of Connemara, raising money for the People In Need Telethon along the way.

4. Cabin Fever

Titanic ain't got nothing on Cabin Fever, the 2003 Reality TV show that quite literally went down with the ship. They were only two weeks in when The Cabin Fever ran aground off Tory Island and broke up on the rocks, but sure didn't the controversy only send the ratings through the roof? Anyway, they got another boat, The Cabin Fever II, and headed back out on the waves with two new contestants among the crew. Elaine Power from Waterford was eventually declared the winner, and Cabin Fever was never heard from again...

3. You're A Star
Only in Ireland would you find Kerry Katona and Phil Coulter on the same judging panel. You're A Star, Ireland's answer to The X Factor, was broadcast between 2002 and 2008, and originally aimed to find us a, err, star for Europe. Mickey Joe Harte won series 1, and didn't fare too badly in the song contest, but after Chris Doran came close to last, and Donna and Joe failed to make it out of the semi final, the Eurovision thing was quickly dropped, and the show became a general talent search. Believe it or not, it ran for six series, counting Linda Martin, Louis Walsh, Dave Fanning, Brendan O'Connor, Michelle Heaton and Keith Duffy among it's judges, while Ray D'Arcy, Síle Seoige, Derek Mooney, Keith Duffy and Brian Ormond all served time presenting before it was cancelled back in 2008. Eurovision staple Leanne Moore was the final winner, but we think Kodaline (who appeared on the show as 21 Demands) were the real success story of the show... Or y'know, just too talented for it in the first place. Whatevs.

2. Celebrity Farm

Let us take you all the way to 2003 when RTE sent 8 Irish 'slebs' to live on a farm for a week. The gang acted as farmhands, carrying out daily tasks with one being 'evicted' every evening. Twink was the first to be turfed off, and she was followed by Paddy O'Gorman, Mary Coughlan, Kevin Sharkey, Mary Kingston. Tamara Gervasoni and Gavin Lambe-Murphy, leaving victory in the hands of George 'Mondo off Fair City' McMahon. He promptly split the winnings between a children's charity, a children's hospital and a centre for those with disabilities.

1. Paisean Faisean
This little made-for TG4 production tops our list because we quite frankly loved it. The concept: Get three lads to pick out clothes for a lovely lady, and have her decide who to date based on their selections. As Gaeilge. Priceless.