The world finally got to see a Friends reunion of sorts last night as five of the six castmates gathered for NBC's tribute to TV director James Burrows. The much anticipated special featured interviews with many of those that worked with Burrows in the past, including the casts of The Big Bang Theory, Will and Grace, and Frasier, however, there was only one group everybody was waiting to see take the stage.

David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc all held hands as they walked up to take their seats, following a video link introduction from their missing team mate Matthew Perry, who couldn't make it as he's doing a play in London at the moment.

It was pretty clear from the get go that they all got along as well as they ever did too. Look at them there now...

So what did the world learn that we didn't already know from this gathering of nineties TV's most famous stars?

1. They watched the show together for the first year.

In the early days, they would gather at one of their apartments and watch the show together, while also giving each other notes... which is just pretty damn cute really.

2. The girls all ate the same lunch together every day.

Jennifer, Lisa and Courtney had lunch together every day for ten years, and ate the same salad - it was called the 'Jennifer salad' Courtney said. "She has a way with it."

In case you are wondering, it was a cobb salad with turkey bacon and garbanzo beans. So that's what we need to eat every day to look like Jennifer Aniston.

3. How different things could have been.

Jennifer originally auditioned for Monica and Courteney auditioned for Rachel, but it soon became clear they were better suited to the other role, while Kudrow is the only one who had to audition twice... awkward.

4. They never signed a contract saying they would not sleep together.

This was the question doing the rounds in the promo for the show and a long-running rumour, but Lisa confirmed that, nope, she was not asked to sign anything, although she didn't speak for the rest of them mind...

5. Where the poker episode idea came from.

From the get go they all knew how important a real life friendship was to there on screen chemistry, and James Burrows was instrumental in that as he gave them a loan of his dressing room so they all could hang out and play poker together... hence the episode "The One with the Poker", which Burrows directed.