This is interesting news of a Tuesday. While there have been rumours circulating for some time that a fifth season of Arrested Development could be on the way, it appears one of the show's producers has not only confirmed it in an interview at SXSW, but also revealed how many episodes we can expect.

Executive producer (and Oscar winner) Brian Grazer was chatting to Bill Simmons about his new book, and threw in that Arrested Development would be returning again, for seventeen whole episodes. We're assuming with Netflix considering series creator Mitch Hurwitz signed a multi-year deal with the streaming service last April.

Grazer described Arrested Development as the show with more street cred than others he has worked on, saying he did love the show, and for fans to 'stay tuned'.

The video below is the full interview but you can catch him talking Arrested Development about the 24 mins 25 secs mark.

So more Arrested Development? What say you?

Season four well and truly divided the masses, but then it's hard not to be excited about 17 more episodes of Bluth family antics.