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New to Netflix this month


'Stranger Things' Season Four, Vol. 2 | July 1

It might not work out for us this time. The epic two-part season finale (clocking in at four hours) of 'Stranger Things' season 4 premieres July 1.

'The Longest Night' | July 8

When everything that matters is at risk, your values disappear and even your worst enemy can become your best ally. Chaos, action and mystery will seize the prison of Monte Baruca.

'Boo, Bitch' | July 8

Two senior BFFs make a last-ditch attempt to be seen. But when one of them becomes a ghost, she'll need to really live her best life — while she can.

'How To Build A Sex Room' | July 8

From a rock 'n' roll sex dungeon to a next-level spa space, designer Melanie Rose dreams up erotic renovations for couples in this racy reality series.

'How To Change Your Mind' | July 12

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney and New York Times best-selling author Michael Pollan present this documentary series event in four parts, each focused on a different mind-altering substance: LSD, psilocybin, MDMA, and mescaline. With Pollan as our guide, we journey to the frontiers of the new psychedelic renaissance – and look back at almost-forgotten historical context – to explore the potential of these substances to heal and change minds as well as culture. How to Change Your Mind is directed by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Alison Ellwood and two-time Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-winning filmmaker Lucy Walker.

'Resident Evil' | July 14

Year 2036 -14 years after the spread of Joy caused so much pain, Jade Wesker fights for survival in a world overrun by the blood-thirsty infected and mind-shattering creatures. In this absolute carnage, Jade is haunted by her past in New Raccoon City, by her father’s chilling connections to the sinister Umbrella Corporation but mostly by what happened to her sister, Billie. 

'Virgin River' Season Four | July 20

Mel navigates her new reality, Jack's past threatens his future and new faces arrive to stir things up in Virgin River.

'Blown Away' Season Three | July 22

The hot shop welcomes 10 talented new glassblowers for captivating challenges inspired by outer space, the circus, the Seven Deadly Sins and more.

'The Most Hated Man On The Internet' | July 27

This new documentary series chronicles a mother's crusade against the ruthless owner of a porn site.

'Uncoupled' | July 29

Stunned when his longtime boyfriend moves out, a New York City real estate broker (Neil Patrick Harris) faces the prospect of starting over — and dating again — in his 40s.

''The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem' Season One Part Two | July 29

The attack on Rosa in 1929 affects her marriage and her brother's future. In 1939, Luna suffers a broken heart but finds love again with a forbidden man.


'Girl in the Picture' | July 6

The jaw-dropping true crime story of a search to solve a 30-year-old mystery: who was Sharon Marshall, and why was her real identity unknown to everyone - even her?

'Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between' | July 6

After making a pact to break up before college, Clare (Talia Ryder) and Aidan (Jordan Fisher) spend their last evening as a couple on one final epic date. As they retrace the steps of their relationship, from their first hello and kiss to their first argument, they edge towards a turning point in search for answers — should they stay together or say goodbye forever?

'Incantation' | July 8

Six years ago, Li Ronan was cursed after breaking a religious taboo. Now, she must protect her daughter from the consequences of her actions. This found-footage horror film is inspired by a true story.

'The Sea Beast' | July 8

In an era when terrifying beasts roamed the seas, monster hunters were celebrated heroes - and none were more beloved than the great Jacob Holland. Karl Urban, Zaris-Angel Hator, Jared Harris, Dan Stevens voice cast.

'Persuasion' | July 15

Living with her snobby family on the brink of bankruptcy, Anne Elliot (Dakota Johnson) is an unconforming woman with modern sensibilities. Adapted from the Jane Austen novel.

'The Gray Man' | July 22

The Gray Man is CIA operative Court Gentry (Ryan Gosling), aka, Sierra Six. Plucked from a federal penitentiary and recruited by his handler, Donald Fitzroy (Billy Bob Thornton), Gentry was once a highly-skilled, Agency-sanctioned merchant of death.

'Purple Hearts' | July 29

In spite of their many differences, struggling singer-songwriter Cassie (Sofia Carson) and Luke (Nicholas Galitzine), a marine with a troubled past, agree to marriage solely for the military benefits. When tragedy strikes, the line between what’s real and what’s pretend begins to blur in this romantic drama.


'Borgen: Power & Glory' | June 2

Foreign Minister Birgitte Nyborg finds her career in jeopardy when a dispute over oil in Greenland threatens to become an international crisis.

'Floor Is Lava' Season Two | June 3

The obstacles have changed but don't worry — the floor is just as red and bubbly as you remember. New this season: a very slippery volcano.

'The Perfect Mother (Une Mère Parfaite)' | June 3

Convinced of her daughter's innocence in a homicide, a devoted mother soon uncovers unsettling truths as the line between victim and perpetrator blurs.

'Mr. Good: Cop or Crook?' | June 3

In this riveting docuseries, when Norway's top cop is suspected of drug trafficking, investigators must ask: Is he a good officer or a major criminal?

'Two Summers' | June 3

A close circle of friends reunites for a lavish holiday — decades after one of them was the victim of a sexual assault committed by others in the group.

'Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey' | June 8

In 2008, a dramatic raid at the Yearning for Zion Ranch in West Texas generated attention around the world, as law enforcement agents uncovered stunning evidence of sexual, physical and psychological abuse and took 400+ children into custody. The four-part documentary series features never-before-seen archival footage and harrowing personal stories from some of the courageous women and men who escaped.

'God’s Favourite Idiot' | June 15

In 'God’s Favourite Idiot', Mid level Tech support employee Clark Thompson finds love with co- worker Amily Luck at exactly the same time he becomes the unwitting messenger of God. Also, there’s roller skating, a lake of fire and an impending apocalypse.

'Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies and the Internet' | June 15

This six-part anthology series tells stories of people caught in a dark and twisted web of modern misinformation and digital deception. Haunting, bizarre and up-to-the-moment relevant, the series explores consequences of "SWATing", takes a chilling trip down the rabbit hole of white supremacy, joins a Federal hunt for the suspect of a brazen IRS heist and investigates a murder set against the backdrop of Russian election interference. Rich with distinctive characters and surprising plotlines, reality is warped when the ordinary American household collides with a chaotic web of misinformation.

'Love & Anarchy' Season Two | June 16

After receiving heart-breaking news, Sofie's reluctance to deal with her grief sends her life, career and relationship with Max into a tailspin.

'The Upshaws' Season Two, Part One | June 16

The family comedy from Wanda Sykes and Mike Epps returns with new episodes.

'The Hidden Lives of Pets' | June 22

Bow wows and purr-fect pets! Meet amazing creatures from around the world and dig into the latest science on our animal friends' senses and skills.

'Snowflake Mountain' | June 22

This new reality show takes a bunch of clueless "kidults" who aren’t yet living to their full potential and puts them through their paces at a wilderness survival retreat to try and kickstart them into standing on their own two feet. The back-to-basics camp is a rude awakening to just how pampered their lives have been so far. At stake is a transformative cash prize for the lucky winner. There’s no running water, no parents to wait on them, and, worst of all, no Wi-Fi. But, by connecting to nature, they’ll learn to graduate as fully-functioning adults.

'The Umbrella Academy' Season Three | June 22

The Emmy-nominated series about a dysfunctional family of superheroes returns for a new season where the blended family meets their alternate universe counterparts - The Sparrow Academy. The sci-fi/fantasy stars Robert Sheehan, Elliot Page and Tom Hopper.

'Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area' | June 24

Thieves overtake the mint of a unified Korea. With hostages trapped inside, the police must stop them — as well as the shadowy mastermind behind it all.

'Man Vs. Bee' | June 24

Renowned actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson plays a new character in this riotous comedy. When lovable, but bumbling, dad Trevor lands a new job as a housesitter, his first assignment is a luxurious mansion filled with priceless artwork, classic cars and an adorable dog called Cupcake. But when a bee lands on the scene, can Trevor keep everything under control, or will their raucous rivalry just lead to increasingly disastrous consequences?


'Hustle' | June 8

When a down-on-his-luck basketball scout  (Adam Sandler) finds a potential superstar in Spain, he sets out to prove they both have what it takes to make it in the NBA.

'Halftime' | June 14

'Halftime' offers an intimate peek behind the curtain revealing the grit and determination that makes global superstar Jennifer Lopez. The film serves as the kickoff to the second half of her life, as she lays bare her evolution as a Latina, a mother, and an artist, taking agency in her career and using her voice for a greater purpose.

'Spiderhead' | June 17

In the near future, two convicts confront their pasts in a facility run by a visionary who gives them emotion-altering drugs. Starring Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller.

'Blasted' | June 28

Blasted follows childhood friends Sebastian (Axel Bøyum) and Mikkel (Fredrik Skogsrud), who are reunited for Sebastian’s bachelor party. While Mikkel never matured past being a teenage laser tag-prodigy, Sebastian has grown into a career-obsessed workaholic, who’s using the party to schmooze a potential client. But when the bachelor party stumbles head-first into an alien invasion, it’s up to Mikkel and Sebastian to reunite as the kick-ass lasertag duo they once were and fight back.