After two teasers were released - one during the Emmys, no less - a full trailer has dropped for 'El Camino:  A Breaking Bad Movie'.

Confirming pretty much what we already knew, the trailer shows Jesse almost minutes after his escape from the neo-Nazis at the end of 'Breaking Bad' and the manhunt to find him by the FBI, DEA and probably some of the other neo-Nazis as well.

It's also been confirmed that Jonathan Banks, who played Mike Ehrmantraut, is reprising his role in the movie - presumably for a flashback scene. Don't be surprised if Walter White turns up either, seeing as how there's a flashback scene. Beyond that, the trailer's devoid of anything what you'd call concrete details. The bit with him digging in the desert, our guess is he's looking for Walter's buried money and that part at the river looks curiously similar to where Walter shot Mike in that incredible final scene together.

'El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie' is getting a select theatre release in the US, and will likely not screen in a cinema here in Ireland. However, it's been confirmed that it'll arrive on Netflix on October 11th, and we'll hopefully have a review before then.

For now, here's the trailer.