Strap yourselves in for another hellish ride in the new year, with the arrival of Amazon Prime's action/drama series.

The trailer for the third season of Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods' has been released today by Amazon Prime, and it looks like another cracker.

Based on Gaiman's international bestseller of the same name comes the third entry in the supernatural series. The book and this Amazon adaptation tells the story of ex-con Shadow (played by Ricky Whittle), who ends up running away from Earth's most powerful, and manipulative, beings.

Embroiled in the classic case of old gods of mythology versus the new ones of technology, he and Mr. Wenesday (the brilliant Ian McShane) attempt to settle this war once and for all.

In the new season three trailer below however, we see Shadow has stopped off for some downtime in an idyllic town name Lakeside in Wisconsin for some downtime. But will he stay hidden for long? Of course not.


Along with Whittle and McShane, the Amazon Prime series boasts an incredible supporting cast. Crispin Glover ('Back to the Future') stars as Mr. World, while Danny Trejo ('Machete'), Iwan Rheon ('Game of Thrones'), Blythe Danner ('Meet The Parents'), Denis O’Hare ('American Horror Story'), Dominique Jackson ('Pose'), and finally Marilyn Manson (no introduction necessary), who plays Johan Wengren.

Here's the season three trailer.

'American Gods' will return to Amazon Prime on January 11.