The answers may be out there...

In case you haven't already tuned into it, Netflix has brought us an 'Unsolved Mysteries' revival, the first iteration of which hit TV screens way back in the '80s. It was a cult classic for those of us fascinated with cold cases, unknown happenings, and seemingly no explanation of mysterious anomalies.

The first six episodes of the 'Unsolved Mysteries' revival arrived over the weekend, and according to the team behind it (the producers of the original series as well as Netflix's 'Stranger Things'), they've been inundated with new hot tips for some of the cases.

The show's original creator, Terry Dunn Meurer, recently spoke with TMZ, and said that over 1,500 fresh tips have flooded into the team. Although of those, only about 50 seem legit.

However, the series creator highlights one case in particular that seems like it'll be the first to be solved. The fourth episode of the revival, entitled 'No Ride Home', follows the mysterious case of Alonzo Brooks, a young man who disappeared from a Kansas party in the early 2000s - he was the only black man. His body was found a month later, and he is believed to have been murdered.

However, Meurer and her team have been forwarded on a number of names from viewers of the episode, and the FBI have now reopened the case.

This isn't the only case which viewers have been in contact with the creators about, either. The mysterious "suicide" of Rey Rivera from episode one, and the disappearance of 20-year-old Missouri woman Lena Chapin in episode six, have spurred viewers to get in touch. In relation to the former, many viewers believe that Rivera's death is similar to that of Michael Douglas' rooftop death scene in the '90s movie 'The Game'.

The second volume of the 'Unsolved Mysteries' revival, with six more episodes, will arrive on Netflix later this year.