Netflix has released the trailer for 'Our Father', a true-crime documentary based on a formerly renowned American fertility doctor called Donald Cline. But he had a secret.

The trailer zones in on a typical suburban neighbourhood, saturated in grey doom and gloom, while a woman's voiceover tells us, "When I was growing up, I felt different".

The woman goes on to explain that her differences led her to taking a home-kit DNA test. Funnily enough, so did her 50+ siblings. Yep, you read that right.

Tracing their ancestry uncovered Dr Cline's secret — he was using his own sperm to impregnate women seeking his fertility services and he had over 50 children in the Indianapolis area. After making the realisation, she continues, "that's when strange things started happening".

Throughout the clip, we meet a mix of people who we assume are Dr Cline's kids. What one woman points out to us is that "most of us have blonde hair, blue eyes" and another woman states something many of us would assume after hearing that information, "it was almost like this perfect Aryan clan".

The trailer goes on to chronicle the aftermath of such discoveries — one of the women's mothers talks tearfully about having to tell her husband that his adult daughter was not "his".

They discuss how all of the siblings are within a 25-mile radius and there's fear in walking around the neighbourhood feeling like "I could be related to anyone".

With every new match that they find, thoughts range from "please don't let it be somebody I know," to "please don't let it be somebody I dated". Rightfully, these people want justice and we can't wait to see what happens next.

Watch 'Our Father' on Netflix on the 11th of May.