While 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' hasn't yet arrived in Irish cinemas, there's already talk of the home / digital release of the movie.

As with most Quentin Tarantino movies nowadays, the movie is way longer than his previous work and so much so, in fact, that there's enough deleted scenes and cut footage to turn the whole thing in a miniseries.

According to one of the actors in the movie, Nicholas Hammond, Tarantino is apparently looking at creating an extended cut of the movie that will be split into episodes. Hammond explained via an interview on The Mutuals podcast that "a four-hour version" of the movie exists.

"There is talk about there being a 4-hour Netflix version, as well, because there were a lot of scenes he shot that couldn’t make it into the film because there just simply wasn’t room," Hammond explained.

As it stands, 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' is twenty minutes shy of being 3 hours long, so the idea of there being an extended cut of the movie isn't all that surprising. Not only that, there are plenty of actors' performances and scenes that were supposedly cut from the movie entirely, according to Hammond.

Given how 'The Hateful Eight' was released on Netflix US as a four-part episode cut, the idea isn't all that far-fetched. However, the likelihood is that you won't see it any time soon as Tarantino's movies tend to have a long life at cinemas before they make their way into home and digital releases.

You can read our four-star review of 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' here, with the movie set for released in Ireland on August 14th.