Wagons' Den is a new half-hour 'Comedy Celebrity News' thingy for starring Ireland's wildest comic personality (she did, after all, ambush Ronaldo's golf buggy not too long ago), Katherine Lynch, in the guise of Tallaghtfornian Sheila Chic. Having exhausted her career as a Hip Hop Artist, Chipper Owner and International Female Gigolo Sheila has landed a job as host of RTÉ's first 'Girls-Only' Entertainment News Show. Sheila is joined each week by 'Honorary Wagon' Brian Dowling and two guest Wagons who trawl through the week's celebrity news and gossip, ripping their acrylic nails through the PR spin and the bogus blather to cut right to the black sorry heart of the story. Expect it to be totally off the cuff and not at all scripted. At all.