If you're not stuck to the second instalment of the UK version of The Killing (9.00pm, Channel 4), perhaps you'd prefer to find yisserselves in the wilds of rural Ireland. This series promises yet more muscular, emotionally complex stories. While Jack continues to delve into the secret life - and past - of his Connemara community in order to solve crimes, he also has cause to look into his own family secrets. Matthew McNulty joins the cast as Brian, a cousin Jack never knew existed. Brought up in England, Brian arrives in Ireland to discover the truth about his family. Simone Lahbib is Brian's girlfriend Gemma who joins him on his voyage of discovery and finds herself drawn to staying in Connemara for her own reasons. The crime drama returns with this two-parter and sees a visit from Jack's English cousin Brian, which leads to the unearthing of a devastating family secret, and the Garda sergeant must also deal with a troubled teenager who is the chief suspect in the murder of an elderly recluse. Starring Owen McDonnell, Ruth McCabe and David Herlihy, with Stephen Rea (The Shadow Line), Simone Lahbib (Wire in the Blood) and Matthew McNulty (Cranford).