Coronation Street: Frank attacked Carla this week, 'cause that's how Frank reacts when a fiancée calls off a wedding last minute. In more Carla news, Leanne and Peter were squabbling (again) about the finer details of his involvement with the Underworld manager. Such is the ferocity of the quibble, Peter wound up being arrested - mainly because he lamped Frank in the middle of the Bistro. Anna and Owen bonded fiercely over a leaky stopcock; Tina seethed when Tyrone refused to think badly of Kirsty (as it turns out, Kirsty is a police officer and therefore - in soap terms - evil); while Becky and Tracy battled for Steve's dwindling funds.

EastEnders: There was some positive news - Tanya finally gor round to telling someone she has cancer. She told Lauren - who had a lot to deal with this week considering she also woke up in the car lot with Darren Miller. The rest of the happenings in Walford were typically dour - Syed and Zainab were at each other's throats because Yusuf is continuing to play puppet master; Vanessa is appalled when she found out what Darren had done to gather money for the wedding (not to mention the Lauren fiddling); and Faith herded the stag party back to Grace's house for an impromptu house trashing - complete with extra vomming into a saucepan. Hang about, there was more good news: Ben asked Christian to train him (oi, oi), and Poppy had an actual idea to help a remarkably together Jodie.

Emmerdale: Since Amy left it too late for a termination, she did the one thing you would expect a soap character to do - drink herself into oblivion (i.e. the local hospital). As it happened, her unborn child can handle its hooch (well, it is part Dingle). Jimmy and Nicola celebrated their divorce with a night of passion in Declan's bed (ew). This of course lead to much 'morning after' soul searching, followed by them shacking back up together. Nikhil was gutted when he sees Gennie and Nicky (you know, the vet that only ever appeared in the veterinary clinic until recently) smooching, so he decided to go for a run (probably), while John ploughed ahead and spent Declan's repayment money.

Fair City: How's this for illicit romance - Tommy and Jo headed to the National Ploughing Championships together. Steamy. You see, Jo had no other option after Dermot failed to go on a picnic with her (mainly because Decco Bishop's been menacing the bejaysis ourrah him). Vivienne finally discovered that Charlotte was missing. Frantic she barrelled around to Niamh and Paul's, where Rachel confirmed that Charlotte had run away. Speaking of Paul and Niamh, they asked Caoimhe to babysit, so she agreed on the basis that she'd be able to sneak Decco in... while sporting rank Naughty Nurse outfit complete with GaGa nipple adornments. Things didn't stay rosy in that department: Decco has told his lot who he's seeing, while Caoimhe was still merrily lying her head off.