Emmerdale: Well, NONE of us saw this coming; "proper couple’" Debbie and Andy aren't eligible for IVF, so the natural method must be employed. No doubt Alicia will be open minded about that as well, giving us Emmerdale's first three-way / four-way if Cameron gets involved. OK, that might be a bit much. Maybe they'll be happy to just watch? In other news, Val considered adopting Amy again; Jai decided his parents should move in after they're bur-gled; Marlon gave the expected "it's him or me" ultimatum for Laurel (she chose the hubby), while Moira was gutted when she was ousted from the farm - to stay in her mother's.

Coronation Street: Chris found himself dealing with a proper hurty head this week after Lloyd attacked him. Cheryl was quick to whisk him off to the hospital for a scan, whereupon she found out there's bugger all wrong with her conniving ex-husband. Cue much grovelling at the feet of spurned lover Lloyd. Keeet Duffaay and his blindingly white teet were growing increasingly depressed by their current surroundings, which caused an inevitable chasm be-tween himself and Michelle (not to worry, 'Chelle, there's always Nick… if Eva doesn't get her claws in first). Fiz wasn't welcomed back with open arms (well, only Sally wasn't really into it), while Tina and Dr. Matt's mates didn't quite hit it off, shocker.

EastEnders: Phil's purple head was perturbed when it got yet another unidentified photo-graph through the post. When he received one with a date printed on the back, it dawned on him who the man in the photograph is and he began to panic. It's only the homeless dude who he effectively killed in 1994 when himself and Frank Butcher set the car lot alight for an in-surance scam. Whatever did Phil turn to for a bit of calm? Rainie's limbs - until they were rudely interrupted by Paaayht. Kat informed Alfie of her latest infidelity, and - as you can imagine - he doesn't want to lose her. 'Cause she's such a catch. Elsewhere, the younger Moons continued to be bumbling bellends; Pat dropped a clanger on Janine (about her dad effectively being the aforementioned co-murderer); while Tamwar and Afia took on more of their parents' skitter.

Fair City: Sean had a mixed time this week; first he had to apologise to Louie after booking a fairly rambunctious 21st (some glasses are smashed - THE HORROR), but then he heard Christy is finding it terrible difficult to replace his shop keeping skills. Where this storyline was headed was really anyone's guess... (Christy rehires Sean). Finn got Wayne's back up when he slagged him about his lack of success with the ladies; Val's attempt to convince Leo she is a free agent had the opposite effect when he told Christy that Val has a soft spot for him; and Neasa found herself on her own the morning of her birthday. Oh, and Tommy and Jo's affair sort of came to the fore a little bit.