Who wants to see John Waters in the nuddy. Sort of. No one? You're going to be watching A Girl's Guide to 21st Century Sex (10.30pm, TV3) with the aid of a cushion instead? Right you are, you masochis (tonight Dr Catherine Hood continues her investigation into sex in the modern age by addressing the issues of sexually transmitted infections and female stimulation. Plus, an examination of the best assets to bring to the bedroom. Be warned, this is probably the most graphic thing you'll ever see). Anyway, this Arts Lives documentary sees Olympic swimmer Melanie Nocher, writer John Waters and art critic Gemma Tipton serve as sitters for artists Sahoko Blake, Nick Miller and Una Sealy, who set out to prove that nude portraits are not just images of sensuality, but also an exposure of character and identity. So, really, they should've gone with the title 'exposure of character and identity', but - for some reason - they went with 'Naked'. Can't imagine why.